Terminal Server Smart Plug-in for HP Software
by Hermes Softlab

SPI for Terminal Server provides pro-active management of your thin-client environments.

HERMES SoftLab Terminal Server Smart Plug-in for HP Software (SPI for Terminal Server) provides proactive management of thin-client environments, monitoring the Terminal Server environment, and providing architecture and impact to business service level representations. You can easily identify, confirm faults and track service consumption, and monitor and manage user issues in real time. You also have the ability to identify trends before they become faults. Features include:


  • Monitor availability and internal issues of Terminal Servers and License Servers Monitor session resource consumption Monitor Terminal Server license use Monitor user logon process Monitor RDP listener session Monitor user profiles


  • Disconnect/logoff/reset/send message to server or user sessions
  • Enable/disable/show status of server logons
  • Start/stop/show status of Terminal Server and License Server services
  • Display session info, top processes in session, etc.
  • Display Terminal Server license use

Service map:

  • Auto-discovered; shows the status of servers and user logon process

Reports & graphs:

  • Top servers (by number of sessions)
  • Top users (by resource consumption)
  • Top clients (by resource consumption)
  • Logon process (duration)
  • Sessions (logon/logoff activity, details)
  • Accounting (user scope)
  • Licenses (use and utilization)
  • Threshold Assistant (adjust policies to environment)
Integrated HP Software products
Terminal Server Smart Plug-in for HP Softwarehas been integrated with the following HP Software products.
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HP productHermes SoftlabproductIntegration status
Operations Manager (UNIX)  7.x, 8.xTerminal Server Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
Operations Manager (Windows)  7.xTerminal Server Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
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