EMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP Software
by Hermes Softlab

SPI for EMC Documentum can help businesses reduce the complexity of understanding and managing EMC Documentum based business applications and services.

HERMES SoftLab EMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP Software (SPI for EMC Documentum) leverages HP Operations Manager software to provide day to day monitoring and management of your EMC Documentum environment. Within the HP Operations Manager console, SPI for EMC Documentum provides an overview of the complete distributed EMC Documentum environment and the impact individual components have on business critical services. It helps optimize and present system performance data - from infrastructure resource consumption to end-user response times on key business transactions.

Key benefits

  • Continuous availability - the EMC Documentum platform components and infrastructure are monitored for availability and performance. Configurable alerts are triggered on potential problems, logged in the operations console, and paged to operators if needed. Problem resolution measures, such as restarting services, can be executed automatically.
  • Monitor business service impact - the EMC Documentum environment is discovered automatically and presented in a business service oriented view. Impact of problems or performance degradations in the Documentum environment is displayed, simplifying prioritization for resolving problems and root cause resolution.
  • Measure and manage end-user side performance - SPI for EMC Documentum measures response times for essential business transactions from end-user perspective. Sources of potential response time problems can be detected and confirmed and remedy measures implemented. Trend reports point to potential response time issues so end-user and customer experience can be monitored and improved significantly.
Integrated HP Software products
EMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP Softwarehas been integrated with the following HP Software products.
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HP productHermes SoftlabproductIntegration status
Operations Manager (UNIX)  7.x, 8.xEMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
Operations Manager (Windows)  7.21, 7.5EMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
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