Citrix Xen Smart Plug-in for HP Software
by Hermes Softlab

SPI for Citrix Xen makes end-user service level a measured and managed core business activity.

HERMES SoftLab Citrix Xen Smart Plug-In for HP Software (SPI for Citrix Xen) is designed specifically for use with Citrix Delivery Center products in HP Software environments. It proactively and securely manages distributed Citrix environments from one centralized point and offers important benefits:

  • Non-stop availability
    Alerts and alarms measuring availability and performance of Presentation Servers, Web Interfaces, Secure Gateways, and License Servers are displayed, logged, and can even be linked to automatic email/paging alerts or automatic actions such as rebooting or taking offline. Logons can be throttled to prevent the black-hole effect in a farm.
  • Latency
    The source of this significant user experience problem can be confirmed and isolated to specific components as soon as the user logon process starts. Trending reports enable proactive solutions before users are affected. No user/client side agents are required.
  • Scalability
    SPI for Citrix Xen integrates with the HP Software family, which is itself designed for large corporate environments. Autodiscovery, Top 10 reports, and Mass Commands all simplify manageability as the Citrix environment increases.
  • End-to-end
    Citrix management within the HP Software environment covers back-end applications, network equipment, as well as full OS and hardware management. Databases, routers, SAP applications, and Citrix servers are all examples in the chain of service-level delivery for an ERP system. The HP Software family of solutions automatically integrates the individual point solutions for each link into full end-to-end managed service.
Integrated HP Software products
Citrix Xen Smart Plug-in for HP Softwarehas been integrated with the following HP Software products.
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HP productHermes SoftlabproductIntegration status
Operations Manager (UNIX)  7.x, 8.xCitrix Xen Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
Operations Manager (Windows)  7.xCitrix Xen Smart Plug-in for HP SoftwareCertified Smart Plug-in
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