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TelAlert is mission critical messaging. When deployed in combination with OVO, OVOW, NNM, Service Desk, ServiceCenter or TEMIP, TelAlert connects your people to the problem in real time using any device, anywhere, anytime.
For more than a decade, TelAlert has defined mission critical messaging in the IT environment. With over 5000 licenses outstanding, deployed in over 50 countries and used by over 50% of the Fortune 500, the TelAlert mission critical messaging platform has helped shape the definition of enterprise grade messaging solutions.

Network, system and ultimately application availability drive automation, productivity and revenue. Availability of these resources is critical to the enterprise. Businesses spend billons each year instrumenting, monitoring and evaluating enterprise IT infrastructure to assure availability — they are not always successful. Downtime is highly disruptive. According to Dataquest, the average cost per hour of network downtime can range from $90K per hour for retail operations, to nearly $6.5M for financial brokerage firms. According to Infonetics, the overall cost of downtime per hour for an enterprise is $96K, with on average three major network outages occurring per year, each lasting on average 1.5 hours. TelAlert, in combination with HP Operations Manager, works to ensure that once a problem is detected, the people needed to restore business operations are notified quickly and efficiently to minimize the impacts of the outage. Extensive scheduling, person-to-person escalation, filtering, message prioritization, IVR messaging, and other advanced capabilities enforce your business rules and ensure that the right person is notified on the right device at the right time.

Integrated HP Software products
TelAlerthas been integrated with the following HP Software products.
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HP productMIR3productIntegration status
Network Node Manager  7.x TelAlertCertified Smart Link Integration
Operations Manager (UNIX)  8.x TelAlertCertified Smart Link Integration
Operations Manager (Windows)  8.x TelAlertCertified Smart Link Integration
Service Manager  7.x TelAlertCertified Smart Link Integration
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